About Us

The Pledge

We, the members of the U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council, are socially active young people who:

  • Join forces to identify and work on issues relevant to young people through the support, implementation and development of initiatives, activities and youth policies that respond to the values and the Council Strategy;
  • Help the US Embassy to gain a better understanding of the youth community in our country.’’

Our Mission & History

          The U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council was founded in November 2014 by Ambassador Marcie B. Ries. It brings together a cross-section of young, dynamic Bulgarians and has three main goals:

    1. To advise the U.S. Embassy on how to better understand the issues facing and motivating young Bulgarians, and to improve our outreach efforts.
    2. To create opportunities for innovative young Bulgarian leaders to meet with and exchange ideas with U.S., Bulgarian and international experts.
    3. To devise creative, practical and concrete solutions to the problems and issues facing young Bulgarians today.

          The USYC is a network that has the competence and capacity to make a meaningful, visible and sustainable contribution to the development of young people in Bulgaria in the name of consensual causes for building socially-engaged, tolerant and civic-active community.

Our Priorities & Values

  • Education
  • Human Rights and Civic Engagement
  • Youth Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment

Administrative Structure

The USYC is comprised of a Council that includes all of its members and a governing body – the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is formed by five members of the Youth Council who are elected annually by the Council – President, Two Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Board of Directors

Yuliy Yuliev

Emil Todorov

Emil Todorov

unnamed (2)

Elena Zaharieva

Vice-president of Social Media and PR
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Kaloyan Tosev

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Spasian Cholakov


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