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we are the u.s. ambassador's youth council

   The USYC was founded in November 2014 by Ambassador Marcie B. Ries. It brings together a cross-section of young, dynamic Bulgarians and has three main goals, which include: advising the U.S. Embassy on how to better motivate young Bulgarians, creating opportunities for innovative young leaders, identifying innovative solutions to the issues facing the Bulgarian youth.

Recent projects

Benjamin Franklin's Legacy Program

Activities during the “Benjamin Franklin’s Program” include discussions on contemporary issues; training on leadership and communication skills. Knowledge in the fields of media and financial literacy; joint development of entrepreneurial projects and ideas.

Road To Success Podcast Conference

The first podcast conference for students provided 30 participants with a complete guide on starting a podcast – from idea to reality. Lectures, workshops, discussions and informal talks with the creators of some of the leading Bulgarian podcast productions.

The Future of Democracy & Finance

The Bulgarian-Macedonian 3-day student summit gathered 50 students (25 Bulgarian and 25 Macedonian) to learn and discuss the benefits, the challenges, and the possible solutions to the challenges related to democracy, free markets, and cryptocurrency. 


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Emil Hayrumyan


Ilina Moutafchieva


Elena Zaharieva


Sofia Boneva


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